While it seems like it's all about Fire it's more about Rhythm.
Putting fire and rhtyhm together is a powerful combination.

Imagine for a moment a 12 foot speaker.
As the fire expands it pushes air creating low frequencies one can feel several hundred yards away.
Generally speaking it's always someone behind the stage pushing buttons for cause and effect.
With Pyrocussion the viewer gets a multi-sensory experience of light and rhythmic shockwaves.
Plus a close operational view of it all in action.
Our device runs on propane an extremely safe fuel, one you can find at many homes.
All components are designed for propane contructed to high industry standards.
Safer to operate than fire spinners (Poi) or the like as no liquid fuel is used.
Ejection point starts at 8 feet, is instantanious and idle when not in use.
Ground level is cool enough not to burn any possible flamibales.
Performers experience only a slight increase in temperature.
Requires little setup time and room to operate.
Powerful but proven to be safe.
Driven by professionals.
Pyrocussion has proven to have a great draw on the public eye.
The possibilities are endless the mind is the limit however we will cover a few applications for use.

As a solo act we have experienced pyrocussionists to light the way.
Since it is an instrument live musical performances would benefit from it's rhythmic nature.
As a  stage effect will provide a new dimension to the overall performance.
For film would work well in music videos or just as a fire effect.
Grand Openings for business we can generate a crowd in a matter of minutes.